Model Question Papers for Class 10 Math 2020

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Dear Students,
Your score in the exams depends on the following factors:
– Your preparation
– Your understanding of the concept
– Your ability to reproduce accurately, what you learnt, in the exam hall
– Legible handwriting
– Time management and
– finally on the expectations and mood of evaluators.

We are pleased to bring you Board Model Papers 2020 Class 10, for the 2020 board exam. The model papers will help you understand the syllabus and pattern of the board exam question papers which are based on the Latest Syllabus. You can download these guess papers in PDF format for FREE. Contact us if you have any doubts or help required.

This is a one stop destination for all the available Question Papers on the internet, unique advantage is that we provide evaluation service throughout the year. Each paper can be evaluated by maximum 10 teachers at a time, which gives the probability of you scoring highest in any given situation, which will enable you to compare the scores you have scored and also with the guidance and support to score better.

Our teachers will come online to help you understand your score and guide you in doing better, so that you can face exams confidently. This platform will help you score better in sections which carry 2 marks and above so that you don’t lose any marks due to ignorance or carelessness.

So it’s very important to download these papers and get prepared for the upcoming examination, NOW!

ClassSubjectQuestion paperMarking Scheme
10CBSE MathsX-Maths_SQP_2018-19.pdf

10ICSE MathsICSE-Mathematics-Question-Paper.pdf