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German Language Academy

Our foreign language coaching institute specializes in German. Classes are conducted online and our tutors are all certified from Institutes such as Goethe.

Our courses are flexible, catering to people who need foreign language proficiency for a variety of reasons such as professional employment, travel, or simple desire to learn.

What makes Germany the best place to study?

There are many reasons why Germany is a great place to study. Here are some of the benefits of studying in Germany:

  • German universities offer a wide range of courses
  • Affordable Tuition Fees
  • First class education from one of the most preferred higher education destination
  • Student-friendly policies.
  • Multicultural student community
  • Easily travel to other European countries
  • Safe environment
  • Cheaper accommodation options
  • Work As A Student
  • Home of innovation and manufacturing with many job opportunites
  • Visa Extension after studies to find a job

A1 / A2: Elementary usage of German


You will be able to converse and understand familiar, everyday very simple sentences
You can introduce yourself
You will be able to ask others about themselves
Youcan communicate in a simple manner


You will be able to understand sentences and commonly used expressions

You can exchange of information on familiar and common topics.

B1 / B2: Independent usage of German


You can understand the main points on familiar topics.

You can deal with most situations typically encountered when travelling

You can express yourself simply and coherently regarding familiar topics.

You can describe your experiences

You can make short statements to justify or explain your own views and plans.


You can understand the main contents of complex texts.

You can communicate so spontaneously and fluently without a much of effort.

You can express yourself on a wide range of topics

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Meet our tutors

Ayushi Garg, a C1 Certified from Goethe Institut. She is a graduate in German Language and has been a German Exchange Scholar. She is very passionate about teaching German and that’s how she started teaching German more than 3 years, now. She has worked with many international and national academies and has taught more than 200 students. We assure you that she will provide the best learning experience to the students by not teaching only Grammar concepts but will also cover the all other aspects of the Language. We can guarantee that after her classes the students would be able to talk the basics in German.

Palak Marwah

B2.2 Certified from Goethe Institut


C1 Certified

Chehak Baweja

C1 Certified

Disha Verma

C1 Certified from Goethe Institut

Demo by Disha Verma

Urmimala Mazumdar

C1 Certified

Dolly Kalantri

Demo link:

Vinutha Raj

(C1 certified)

Demo link